Many laughter and a little relaxed atmosphere give the conference and stay that little extra. A successful activity strengthens the team and creates a memorable conference, who knows when the best ideas come. It is not rare in a combination of activity, work and relaxation that something new can occur.

Outdoors or indoors? Easy or more demanding?
At Sigtuna Stadshotell and in Sigtuna there are a wealth of activities.

Guided tours in Sigtuna Town

Historical guided tour in Sweden’s first Town. Guides are available in five different languages. Sigtuna town has it all – history, beauty and exciting tales to tell.
Let one of our guides bring you on a historical journey to the medieval runic stones, ruins of 12th century churches and the making of the first Swedish coin.
Lets move hundreds years back in time and meets the first hotel lady; Ellen Paalzow
who will tell us the story of the newly builted hotel, King Gustav V stayed at during a maneuver, Uppsala student graduations and life in Sigtuna in the early 1900s.
Ellen takes us on tour of the idyllic Sigtuna and it’s neighborhood and tell us about the city’s millenary history from the 980s, Sigtuna residents’ traditions, celebrations, first steamships in the harbor. Famous attractions such as Town Hall, St. Mary’s Church, church ruins and runestones crossed.

Duration: 1 h

If combined with a visit at the Sigtuna Town Hall, an entrance fee will be added to the price. Group of a maximum of 30 participants.


The following activities fits perfectly with us

Outdoor and indoor activities


Nearby there is also access to

– Miniature golf
– Gym, Spa
– Golf courses
– Shopping
– Electric light track, exercise track
– Museum, gallery, guided tours in Sigtuna City.